Mixed Media Skills

These technique sheets cover some of the basics that are needed to get started in Mixed media Art.

Paper Antiquing

Tissue Paper Images

Edging and Sponging

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ej add to cart Mixed Media Skills

ej add to cart Mixed Media Skills

Antiquing is the process of taking new papers and making them look aged, adding texture and a depth of colour to our mixed media projects. Here we introduce antiquing using coffee and tea. We will also discuss different techniques you can use with commercial products to create great effects.

Printing or stamping onto tissue paper and adding the image into our collages allows us to put images onto surfaces that are not smooth enough for straight stamping or printing on. Here we review this technique with a method that is simple and repeatable.

This technique is focusing on edging and sponging - two techniques that are used in many applications, often without a lot of conscious thought but it is a technique that can go unnoticed and often forgotten by beginners. It is a subtle effect, yet really alters the way a finished piece looks.

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